Fortnite Championship Series: Announced the Birth of a New Championship

Fortnite Championship Series

During the final stages of this weekend’s Fortnite World Cup and the intense twists and turns that took place on stage, Epic Games took the time to announce the birth of Fortnite Champions Series (or FCS).

The Fortnite Champions Series will be based on an online ladder system that will take into account the performance of the players.

The new tournament, apparently, ” will only be a taste of what is to come ” regarding the future Epic Games battle royale competitive scene.

The FCS will start in conjunction with Season X, which begins tomorrow, August 1st. In May, Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer left Activision Blizzard to join Epic Games, where he is now overseeing the eSport side of Fortnite. Epic Games, let’s not forget, has acquired Psyonix and, therefore, also the related eSport infrastructure dedicated to Rocket League.

The fact that the new Fortnite championship is called “Championship Series” does not seem to be a case. Epic Games, as we know, has been counting on giving around 100 million during the first competitive year. At the moment the accounts stop at around 71 million.

So, the Fortnite Champions Series (in addition to some other events not yet announced) could put the rest on the plate.