Fortnite: Dr Disrespect and Ninja Along with the Next World Cup?

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As you have surely seen in the course of the World Cup, the famous streamer and influencer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins did not participate in competitions in single and in pairs but only played during the Pro-Am, in which he was accompanied by Marshmello.

The failure to qualify for the World Cup both in single and in tandem with the now-former partner Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner (who participated in the tournament alone and is now a member of the TSM team), pushed Ninja to publish a tweet in which he promises to its followers that the next events will be different and, in all probability, we will soon see another player alongside the most famous streamer of the moment.

Meanwhile, fans are starting to think about who Ninja’s next mate might be and, according to some fans, Dr. Disrespect, another rather famous name on the Amazon streaming platform, will play with him. The mustachioed character has in fact published a photo with Ninja, accompanied by a message in which he openly declares that he wants to compete alongside him at the next World Cup, claiming that the two have spoken about it on the event’s red carpet.

Waiting to find out how this story will evolve, we remind you that the new Ninja book will soon debut, where you can read all the tips on how to improve in Fortnite. Did you know that an old skin could come back in Fortnite Season X?