Fortnite: Guide and Map to Get All the Fortbytes Quickly


The Season 9 of Fortnite is almost complete, but the players of the battle royale of Epic Games are still in time to collect all the scattered island of Fortbyte Battle Royal. In this mini-guide, we show you a map that explains how to get all the chips within an hour.

Following the instructions contained in this mini-guide, you will be able to collect all the Fortbytes hidden in the island of battle royale within an hour, playing eight games in all.

The map shown at the bottom of the page shows the positions of all the Fortbytes, and the paths to take to collect them all in the shortest possible time. The routes (marked with a different colour) are eight in total, one for each game to be played. The beginning of each path is marked with a circle, while the end is marked with an X.

Below we explain all the steps to follow, with the relevant order, to collect all the Fortbytes as quickly as possible.

How to get all the Fortbytes quickly

Before starting, make sure you equip the following items :

  • Stratus Skin
  • Hang glider Avenger
  • Piccone Sbriciolabunker
  • Kyo decorative back

After that, all you have to do is follow the eight paths in the following order, equipping the objects indicated:

  1. Red Route: play solo.
  2. Blue route: play solo, equip the Venganza skin (in this regard, on our pages we have explained to you how to unlock all Vendetta styles ).
  3. Purple course: play in teams, equip the Demi skin.
  4. Orange Route: play solo, equip the Rox skin and Plasma trails.
  5. Green Path: play solo, equip the Vega skin, Scarlet hang glider and Scarlet collection tool.
  6. Cyan Path: play solo, equip the Jonesy Bunker skin, Mantella Banana decorative back and Vox collection tool.
  7. Magenta course: play in teams and wear the Sentinel skin.
  8. Yellow Route: play in teams.

To speed up your movements on the map, we advise you to get a Girosfera and to get on board of it. If you need specific help to collect the individual chips, remember that on our page you will find a detailed guide that explains how to get all Fortbyte of Season 9 of Fortnite. Have you managed to get them all?

We report that as of August 1st, Season 10 of Fortnite will finally begin. What do you expect from the new Epic Games battle Royale season?

Fortbytes season 10