Fortnite: “Time Has Expired” in the Opening Video of Season 10 – Updated

Fortnite X

A day after the start of Season 10 of Fortnite, Epic Games publishes online the entire presentation movie that will accompany the opening of the new, very important in-game phase of the free shooter: will the theme of Season X be Time Travels?

The hypotheses circulated on the net these days with the analysis of the teaser images of Season 10 seem in fact to find a definitive confirmation from the leak of the trailer of the new Season. Unable to stem the jumble of rumours linked to this leak, the top management of Epic Games decided to publish on their social profiles the official video that announces the imminent launch of Season 10.

In the poor minute of a cinematic film made by Epic Games we can see the typical explorer of the island of Fortnite struck by the explosion of the Sponde of the Sacking and sucked into a space-time tunnel with several references to events inside, skins, map areas and characters that characterized the previous seasons of the battle royale.

The theme of time travel is also reinforced by the final piece of the trailer in which you can see the words “Time is Expired” and our fearless alter-ego that, after being returned to the island near Dusty Depot, is located forced to witness the imminent impact with what looks like a meteorite.