Gears Pop Available for Preorder on the App Store and Google Play

Gears Pop Available

Gears Pop by Microsoft is now available for pre-order on Google Play and App Store in North America, soon the preorder should also be active on the European stores of Google and Apple.

For the first time on mobile, Gears of War and Funko Pop! Join forces to create explosive real-time multiplayer battles, set in the Gears universe. Collect and upgrade dozens of the iconic heroes and villains of Gears of War, each characterized by from the fantastic Funko Pop vinyl design! Assemble the most incredible team and lead them to victory in the arena by challenging other collectors and competitors from around the world in a frenetic tactical fight with the well-known roofing system!”

Fruit of the collaboration between Microsoft and Funko (producer of the Minifigure Pop) Gears Pop will be available during the summer exclusively on smartphones and tablets, the game will be free to play in free download with support for microtransactions.

Definitely, a tasty appetizer waiting for the main dish, or the new and expected Gears 5, released in September on Xbox One and PC. The universe of GOW will soon expand also with Gears Tactics, a ” strategic ” turn-based variant arriving by the end of the year exclusively on PC.