Main Assembly: Bad Yolk Studios Present Their New Creative Sandbox on Video


A few days after the official announcement of the opening of the Bad Yolk studios, the Swedish developers from MachineGames do not waste time and present Main Assembly, a creative sandbox that promises to offer the user the opportunity to design infinite hi-tech machines.

The title will be set in a futuristic dimension not too far from ours: the aim of the player will be to create and test new vehicles and technological tools to overcome challenges of increasing difficulty or, perhaps, even to satisfy one’s curiosity.

As we can guess by looking at the images and gameplay scenes of the presentation video, in Main Assembly the user will have to take control of the artificial intelligence that manages this hi-tech factory and, in the shoes (or better, in the circuits ) of a robot sphere, we will have the opportunity to give free rein to the imagination by building increasingly complex vehicles and machinery.

Those who love this kind of sandbox experience will certainly find similarities between this project and titles like Kerbal Space Program, Besiege or, to stay on the subject of customizable vehicles, Trailmakers. The output of the Main Assembly is scheduled for an unspecified period of next year on PC: those who want to try this title in preview, however, can still do so by contributing to the development of the latest Bad Yolk IP through the purchase of the version in Early Access that will arrive on Steam no later than the end of 2019.