Pokémon Go Celebrates Over 1 Billion Downloads With a New Trailer


The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer dedicated to Pokémon GO, the world-renowned mobile augmented title dedicated to Nintendo’s beloved little monsters.

As noted by Serebii.net, a portal specialized in Pokémon that translated the written annotations that appear in the trailer, the game developed by Niantic Labs in synergy with Game Freak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company has reached and exceeded the threshold of 1 billion downloads worldwide. Although we must take into account the possibility of creating multiple accounts and downloading the app on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, this is undoubtedly an impressive goal that does nothing but emphasizes the enormous potential that this franchise continues to exercise on the players, casual and not.

Since 2016, the game’s debut year, Pokémon GO has continued to expand and evolve without interruption: in recent days, for example, the Pokémon Space has been announced in the inventory, while there are rumours of the arrival of a Sun and Moon themed event. The prestige of Pokémon GO also continues to increase after the delivery of the Sports in Life award and the announcement of the first competitive tournament to be held at the Pokémon GO Invitational.