Pokemon Go: Guide to the Raid of Rayquaza (Shiny), Best Attackers and Moves


Until September 2, Pokemon GO coaches will be able to participate in the Rayquaza Raid, with the possibility of running into the chromatic version of the creature. In this guide we explain how to best deal with the Raid, indicating the best attacking Pokemon and the moves to use.

From July 31 to September 2, Pokemon GO players can run into Rayquaza Raids. With a bit of luck, the legendary creature can be encountered in its rare chromatic variant (shiny), with the possibility of capturing it and adding it to its collection.

Features of Rayquaza

Rayquaza is a legendary Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon with 213 HP (life points), 284 ATK (attack value) and 170 DEF (defence value). If you want to capture a Rayquaza with maximum IV statistics, you will have to hope to come across a specimen with the following fight points:

  • Normal weather conditions: 2191 PL at Level 20
  • Windy weather or rain: 2739 PL at Level 25

As we can see, Rayquaza is a Pokemon that suffers from weather conditions, and more specifically becomes more powerful in the presence of wind and rain.

Rayquaza moves

The creature may be able to make the following moves:

Quick moves

  • Eterelama (Volante)
  • Codadrago (Dragon)

Main moves

  • Aero-assault (Flying)
  • Forazantica (Rock)
  • Outrage (Dragon)

Best attacking Pokemon to use against Rayquaza

Since Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying-type creature, the best-attacking Pokemon to use against him in battle are those that exploit his weaknesses, namely the IceDragonRock and Sprite- type Pokemon. Specifically, the best attacking Pokemon we recommend using against Rayquaza is the following (on the right we report the related moves to use):

  • Mamoswine : Slavina, Battiterra
  • Glaceon (on our pages we explained how to get Glaceon from Eevee): Ice Beam, Slavine
  • Weavile : Slavina, Geloscheggia
  • Mewtwo : Psychic, Ice Beam, Confusion
  • Jynx : Alitogelido, Slavina
  • Piloswine : Geloscheggia, Slavina, Pietrataglio
  • Porygon-Z : Bora, Introforza
  • Articuno : Alitogelido, Bora
  • Cloyster : Alitogelido, Slavina
  • Regice : Alitogelido, Slavina
  • Mew : Alitogelido, Slavina
  • Walrein : Alitogelido, Slavina

How to defeat and capture Rayquaza

To defeat Rayquaza you just have to deploy the attacking Pokemon we reported above, using the indicated moves. To increase your chances of success, we recommend that you form a team with at least 3-5 other properly trained coaches.

Once you have defeated Rayquaza, all you have to do is capture it using the berries and making the best possible launches (the curved and optimal launches increase the chances of capture) as shown in the video at the top.