Pokemon Go Receives the Prestigious Sport in Life Award

Announced a Collaboration Between Pokemon Go and One Piece!

Niantic Labs announced that Pokemon GO has been awarded the Sport in Life award by the Sports Agency of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology of Japan.

These are the developer statements:

We learned of this inaugural nomination just around the third anniversary of Pokémon GO. This year’s celebrations have become even more special thanks to the honor received by the Sports Agency, which shares our mission and our commitment to activities at open, exploring the world and a healthier physical, mental and social lifestyle, so thank you Coaches for playing Pokémon GO and taking part in our amazing live events around the world Your passion inspires us every day to create a unique experience that can be enjoyed by all. Now it’s time to go out and do what we do best. Let’s go!

An important recognition therefore for Pokemon GO, not a simple “mobile game” but a tool that has allowed millions of people all over the world to spend time outdoors, doing physical activity and getting to know new friends, thus improving their well-being physical and psychological thanks to the promotion of a healthier lifestyle.