PS4: How to Register for the Beta Program to Test the Firmware in Preview

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Do you want to try out the new firmware that is previewed on PlayStation 4, like the upcoming firmware 7.0 for PS4 and PS4 Pro? To do this, just sign up for the program to become a beta tester of the new firmware for the Sony console: in this mini-guide, we explain how to do it.

Thanks to the new program promoted by Sony, users can decide to become a beta tester to preview the new PS4 firmware so as to test the new system features first-hand. Below we explain everything you need to know to join the program and become a beta tester on PS4.

How to become a beta tester to try PS4 firmware preview

To register for the program that allows you to become a beta tester for the new PS4 firmware, just follow this procedure:

  • Visit the PS4 beta program page and log in with your PlayStation Network account credentials.
  • Complete the form with the requested information, specifying if you intend to register for all future system updates.
  • Once these operations are completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming the registration to the program.

After you have signed up for the Beta program, you will have the chance to preview the new firmware that is published on PS4. We point out however that the participation in the beta testing of the new firmware will not be automatic: first, in fact, it will be necessary to receive the invitation from Sony itself.

If you have been selected to try a new firmware preview, you will be contacted by e-mail by Sony with all the instructions to install and test the beta version of the new system update.