PSP-3000: Sony Will Soon Stop the Repair Service in Japan


PSP has been retiring for quite some time now, yet in Japan, Sony is continuing to provide a repair service for the 3000 version of the handheld console, the fate of which, by the way, is now marked.

The Japanese company has announced that as of September 30, 2019, no PSP-3000 will be repaired, since the service will be permanently stopped. Apparently, it could not have gone otherwise: spare parts are scarce and soon it will become completely impossible to provide for repairs. Players with a defective console must apply by September 30th, and have it delivered to the PlayStation Clinic no later than October 7th.

So another chapter in the history of PlayStation is coming to an end. PSP-3000, the latest model of the console launched worldwide (if we exclude PSP Go ), saw the light in 2008. In 2012 it was replaced by PlayStation Vita, also retired, since in March of this year Sony has discontinued production in Japan. At the moment, the Japanese company doesn’t seem at all willing to return to the portable market, thanks to the amazing results that its flagship is making: just yesterday we discovered that PS4 has exceeded 100 million units sold.