Rabbids: Adventure Party Announced for Nintendo Switch

Rabbids Adventure Party

Surprisingly, Ubisoft China announced with a trailer Rabbids Adventure Party for Nintendo Switch, a new game dedicated to the famous rabbits recently featured in the acclaimed Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Developed in Asia by Ubisoft Chengdu, Rabbids Adventure Party is a four-player multiplayer game that will see the Rabbids travel from Ancient China to the rest of the world, with a storyline inspired by the popular Chinese novel Journey to the West, which also inspired productions like Dragon Ball and Enslaved Odyssey to the West.

At the moment there are unfortunately no other details about Rabbids Adventure Party for Nintendo Switch, the game has not yet been confirmed on Ubisoft’s western channels. Even the title for Europe and North America could be different than the one reported for the Chinese market, we are waiting for the official announcement that at this point it might not be too late. Even the release date is shrouded in mystery, we will know more probably in the next few hours.

Many were waiting for a sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle but apparently, the French house has a new adventure in store for the rowdy rabbits, before eventually diving back into the Mushroom World.