Sony Reiterates: The PS5 Price Could Depend on the New Meeting Between China and the Us

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new meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping will be held this week in Shanghai, during which the USA and China will try to finally find a definitive trade agreement on import taxes from the Asian country.

As we have already explained to you in the previous weeks, the initiative of Donald Trump, determined to increase the percentage due to the USA for the import of goods from China, risks going to compromise also the stability of the hardware market of the videogame industry. Giants like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo (which, moreover, have already joined forces in an attempt to oppose this scenario) would be forced to increase the price of their gaming consoles, not to mention that even VR devices, controllers and viewers would inevitably be involved in the speech.

A concept that was reiterated by Sony in a recent interview on the subject: “We believe – and for this reason we have also communicated it to the US government – that the higher rates would damage the US market ,  said chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki, who also pointed out that as many as 96% of the consoles imported in the USA come from China. 

If Trump finally had to win, Sony would basically see a surge in the prices of their gaming consoles, including PlayStation 5, which is almost upon us. Among the countermoves that the Japanese company is dreading – continues Totoki -, there is necessarily the request for a greater economic outlay by consumers interested in its hardware products. The theory, in theory, would only apply to the United States, but we know that platform holders tend in several cases to align the prices of their products based on a 1: 1 ratio worldwide.

Nintendo, meanwhile, has already taken precautions by moving part of the production of Switch from China to Vietnam, with an operation that will end definitively during the summer.