Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Dragon Quest Hero and 4.0 Upgrade Available

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As promised during Nintendo Direct on July 30th, the Dragon Quest Hero is now available on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, along with the 4.0.0 update. which brings some new features and improvements to the balance.

The 4.0.0 patch. adds the Super Easy difficulty to Adventure mode, Online Tourney mode, support for Dragon Quest Heroes , bug fixes and technical problems and better balance of characters skills like Samus, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Mewtwo, Mr Game & Watch, Snake, Dark Pit, Pokemon Trainer, Charizard, Lucas, Sonic, Toon Link, Little Mac, Ridley, Simon, Isabelle, Joker and many others.

The Dragon Quest Hero is the second Premium DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, after the Piranha Plant that made its debut last winter. Hero costs 5.99 euros (bundle with character, stage, and music), free for SSB Ultimate Fighters Pass holders.

Relating to the 4.0.0 update. after the installation of the latter the replays created with previous versions of the game will no longer be available, Nintendo recommends converting replays to video using the appropriate menu option, this is currently the only method to continue viewing the “old” businesses after updating Super Smash Bros Ultimate to the latest version.