The Blue Protocol Classes Are Shown in a Series of Gameplay Videos

The Blue Protocol Classes

A few weeks after the announcement, which attracted the attention of many fans of the genre, the Blue Protocol action RPG returns to show itself thanks to a series of gameplay videos captured during the closed alpha.

The lucky participants in the test session of the game have therefore decided to publish some videos that show the game in motion and, thanks to them, we can finally get a better idea of ​​the Bandai Namco title. Each of these films shows us a different class in action and, among these, there is also one that shows in greater detail the editor of the character of Blue Protocol, which had already been seen in a very short teaser a few days ago.

By carefully observing the gameplay, we can guess that the game provides users with a completely explorable map, in which the access to numerous dungeons is hidden, complete with chests containing loot and a final boss. Among the classes shown we find the classic knight with sword and shield, an archer and a magician.

Before leaving you to the four videos, which you will find at the bottom of the news, we remind you that Blue Protocol is currently provided for the Japanese market only, exclusively on PC. However, it cannot be excluded that Bandai Namco can announce the arrival of the game in other countries and on other platforms very soon.