The Division 2: Ubisoft Illustrates the Changes and Innovations of the Update at the End of July


The developers of Massive Entertainment inform us that they have made a “silent” update of The Division 2, ie server-side and without the need for users to download any patches, to introduce various modifications and innovations to their Ubisoft web-based open-world shooter.

Browsing through the update notes we can see the reintroduction of online rankings linked to the Raid Leaderboard, a feature removed due to a problem highlighted by users in the number of activities played and exceeded by their digital agent.

Thanks to the indications offered by the test server participants, the Ubisoft Massive authors decide to finally make available the settings of Episode 1 Update 5 such as those of Camp White Oak, the National Zoo of Manning and the College Kenly, each characterized by a series of high-profile missions to be carried out, preferably, in a multiplayer cooperative.

Again with this update on the server-side, a problem was solved that prevented players from bringing their alter-ego equipment to level 500 using workbenches and closing an in-game flaw that allowed users to obtain a disproportionate amount of objects simply shooting at a supply crate located at a specific point on the Washington DC map by a glitch.

Did you also know that Ubisoft would be seriously considering the idea of ​​developing a spin-off chapter of The Division narrative and without multiplayer?