The Oriental Exorcist Announced, 2D Scrolling Action RPG on PS4 and PC

The Oriental Exorcist

The publisher Bilibili and the Chinese developers of Wildfire Games have announced The Oriental Exorcist, the new 2D side-scrolling Action RPG, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in 2020. Let’s see what it is all about.

In the description released by the developer, we read that it is a video game set in a fictitious oriental world, infested with demonic monsters. The player will be in the role of an exorcist, who will have to fight evil in different areas of the game all hand-drawn, and with frame-to-frame animation, which makes the artistic direction of the video game certainly very interesting.

The fight will focus on timing and distance, given the introduction of stamina, and players will have to choose between various types of skills to neutralize enemies.

With the announcement of the game, the first trailer of The Oriental Exorcist was also introduced, which you will find as usual at the top of the news. What do you think from this first look at the game? What do you expect from this Chinese production?

Meanwhile, speaking of China, PlayStation will hold a showcase during ChinaJoy in the night, where it will show seven new games.