The Surge 2: Weapons, Settings, Enemies and Bosses in the New Gameplay Video


The leaders of Focus Home Interactive offer us a new, spectacular video game of The Surge 2 focused on weapons, settings, enemies, and bosses that will characterize the narrative and playful experience of Deck13 ‘s new role-playing action.

The video underlines once again the efforts made by German developers in overcoming the critical points of the previous chapter and giving shape to a project that, in the intentions of its creators, will know how to meet the favor of soulslike enthusiasts.

From the complete redesign of the combat system by dismembering the evolution of the roleplaying progression devoted to the acquisition of skills, cybernetic upgrades and unpublished equipment elements, our adventure among the dangerous alleys of Jericho City will be full of surprises and, of course, activity to play both to advance in the main campaign and to improve the digital arsenal of our alter-ego by facing the silicon abominations that will populate this freely explorable dimension.

The release of The Surge 2 is scheduled for September 24 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.