Apex Legends: The Developers Announce the Arrival of a New Event

Apex Legends: New Patch and Skin of the Legendary Hunt for Octane and Bangalore

A few weeks have passed since the official launch of Season 2 of Apex Legends and the last game event, the Legendary Hunt, marked the end of the first season of the battle royale.

If you are one of the users who hoped for the arrival of a new limited-time event, know that you will soon be satisfied. In fact, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a new event will arrive in the coming weeks, even if the precise details on what will be the contents that characterize it have not been formalized. However, we should expect something very similar to the Legendary Hunt, an event during which it was possible not only to obtain unique skins and camouflage but also to level up quickly in the Season Pass. It is almost certain, in fact, that the possibility of going up one level a day will return simply ranking among the top five teams in any game. The only certainty about the event, scheduled for the second quarter of 2019 (ie by the end of August), is that one of the most requested features will be implemented by users.

We also remind you that, according to the developers’ words, with the Apex Legends Season 3 the game will become even bigger. A new official Apex Legends tournament is coming with a rich prize pool up for grabs.