Borderlands 3: The New Video Shows the Skills of Moze the Artillery and His Mech

Borderlands 3 Moze Gunner

After unleashing the technological flair of Zane, the guys at Gearbox Software give Moze the Artillery way to spread the love (and lots of gunpowder) among Borderlands 3 raiders in new video gameplay focused on the abilities of this lethal Crypt Huntress.

As we could guess during the E3 test at Borderlands 3 dedicated to Moze, the Artillery will never go into battle alone: to accompany it in every mission we will, in fact, find Iron Bear, a mighty fifteen-ton biped mech that promises to do trembling with fear even the most out-and-out of Pandora’s criminals.

Many of Moze’s unlockable abilities during the adventure will be dedicated to Iron Bear and his incredible firepower: the powers of action that can be gained by progressing through his three branches of Specializations ( Shield of PenanceDemomanor and Infinite Chargers ) will take the form of modular grafts to be applied in special workstations placed on the mechanical arms of Iron Bear.

The Moze emulators will, therefore, be allowed to combine different abilities and specializations according to their style of play, perhaps choosing to adopt a more basic and “symmetrical” approach by equipping two copies of the same weapon (or attack ability) in the grafts of the arms of the Mech.

What do you think of this gameplay formula? Do you believe that it will help to give originality to the already rich and crazy shooter universe of Borderlands 3?? Before hearing your opinion about it, we remind you that the gearbox looter of Gearbox and 2K Games, recently entered in Gold Phase , will be available starting September 13th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with release scheduled for November also on Google Stadia.