Chinajoy 2019: Here Are All the PS4 Games Presented by Sony

Playstation chinajoy

As we told you, the PlayStation conference is taking place today at ChinaJoy 2019, an important Chinese consumer technology event. Sony had announced that it wanted to present seven games during the conference, and so it was. Let’s look at them in detail.

After having already shown the announcement of Apocalypse, a new project by Future Tech, now it’s the turn of the Magicfish Studio horror adventure game, called In Nightmare. It is a game that combines imagination and reality and that the developers intend to instill in the player the curiosity towards philosophy and knowledge in general.

FIST is instead a Metroidvania of TiGames in which the player will be in the shoes of a rabbit who can use a large robotic arm on his back, thus exploring a dieselpunk world and fighting against an army of evil robots.

Also presented YEAR: Mutantionem, an RPG Cyberpunk pixel art ThinkingStars; Convallaria, an online shooting action by Loong Force developers; Evotinction, a hack and stealth of Spikewave Games and finally the Action RPG Genshin Impact, from the Mihoyo developers.

At the bottom of the news, you will find all the trailers of the above titles. What do you think of the material shown by Sony? Is there something that particularly intrigued you?