Death Stranding: Development Is Tiring but Proceeds Quickly, Kojima Assures

Death Stranding for PS4: Hideo Kojima Reveals Details About Dubbing and Subtitles

Through the pages of his official Twitter profile in English, Hideo Kojima publishes an open letter addressed to all his fans to confirm that the development of Death Stranding is tiring but that, despite the difficulties related to the indie nature of the project, everything proceeds as by program.

“Death Stranding has in itself the element of something that has never existed before,” Metal Gear’s father explains, explaining that this spark of originality will illuminate all aspects of the title, such as “the gameplay, the atmosphere offered by the world of play and the visual elements we aimed to create “ .

Having reiterated this concept, the boss of Kojima Productions takes advantage of the opportunity to point out that “the studio I founded was a small indie company, but we will do our best to offer you our game starting November 8.  Our guys are still in full development phase”.

Aware of the need to maximize its resources to create a triple-A video game without having the funds and personnel required for this kind of high-budget projects, Hideo Kojima has tried from the earliest stages of development of Death Stranding to make a virtue of necessity by choosing to build his post-MGS interactive vision on the solid technological foundations of the Decima Engine , the graphics engine used by Guerrilla Games to develop Horizon Zero Dawn.

From November 8th of this year, therefore, we will understand if Kojima’s ambitions will find a synthesis in the sci-fi experience of Death Stranding on PS4 and PS4 Pro.