Fortnite 10: Goodbye to Free Challenges, Exclusive Missions for the Battle Pass Arrive

Fortnite 10

With the arrival of Fortnite Season 10 Epic Games has revolutionized the Battle Royale weekly challenge system, effectively removing the Challenges and introducing the Missions, always on a weekly basis. So are you okay? Not exactly.

Until Season 9 the Battle Pass (on sale at 950 V-Buck) allowed access to all the Challenges of the Week while those who did not own the Battle Pass could still have fun with three free challenges, without necessarily needing to spend money on the purchase of the ticket.

Now, however, this is no longer the case, the new Missions (conceptually identical to the Challenges, with objectives to be completed and relative rewards) are only accessible to those who have purchased the Battle X Pass while the non-paying players will not have access to this component.

This is not a minor problem for those millions of players who have taken part in hundreds of weekly challenges over the past two years without having to pay anything. We do not know if this important change will only affect Season 10 or if it will continue in the future, we are waiting for communications from Epic Games.