Fortnite: Here Are the First Images of Skins Arriving with Season 10

Fortnite New Skins

Can’t wait to find out what new skins will be available with the Fortnite Battle Battle Season X Battle Pass? Then you can’t miss this series of screenshots that allow us to take a first look at some of the upcoming costumes.

Looking carefully at the Fortnite Season 10 trailer, it is possible to see some skins never seen before for a fraction of a second and that will probably arrive in the season pass with tomorrow’s update. We are talking about 4 new skins in total, some of which seem to recall old costumes. In fact, the first seems to be a sort of revisitation of the spacesuit seen in the first few seasons, with the only difference being green and not orange lights. Another seems to be related to the mech of the teaser of Season 10, which may therefore not be a new vehicle to use in battle. The third costume, on the other hand, is an alternative version of DJ Yonder, the funny skin of the blade that this time wearing an elegant dress with a crown. The last of these characters is instead a woman with a costume reminiscent of the skins of the “bad guys” of Season 4.

There is nothing left to do but wait for the few hours that separate us from the launch of the much-awaited Epic Games battle royale new season, in which several old map areas and some of the weapons seen in the first months of the year should make their return. launch.

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