Fortnite: New Picks in the Royal Battle, the Cabinet Arrives in the Save the World

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The arrival of Fortnite Season X will bring many new features not only in the Royal Battle but also in Save the World, the way in which the much-requested Cabinet is about to arrive.

Starting today, even cooperative players will be able to run numerous emotes and customize the loading screen and menu music. Just like in the competitive multiplayer mode, the following emote categories will be present: Dances, emoticons, sprays, and toys. Epic Games also announced that weapons covers and pickaxe skins will soon arrive, and with the launch of this additional feature, all collection tools obtained in Save the World will be automatically unlocked even in the Royal Battle. As for the skins, the developers are studying a new system to implement them and it is difficult for them to arrive soon in the game.

It seems that some emotes then have technical problems that the developers are trying to solve, so these new features may not work perfectly from launch. It has also been specified that the emote of Save the World “Ride the Pony” will also arrive today in the Royal Battle. Players who have unlocked the similar emote in Season 2 will also receive the exclusive “Trotta cavallo”.

The last information published on the official website concerns the arrival of the store in Salva il Mondo, which will be available only and exclusively when the locker functions are stable and every single object will be compatible with the cooperative mode.

We remind you that the Fortnite servers will go offline today morning to prepare the game for the arrival of Season 10. Have you seen the first shots of Fortnite’s new Season 10 skins?