Fortnite Road Trip: Destroy the Stop Signs with the Catalyst Costume

Fortnite Road Trip

Among the new Road Trip missions of the first week of Fortnite Season 10there is one that requires you to destroy ten stop signs by wearing the Catalyst costume. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete it.

To help you easily complete the mission, below we show you the locations to find and destroy the Fortnite Season 10 Stop signs.

Destroy the Stop signs with the Catalyst costume (0/10)

To complete this mission you will have to find and destroy 10 Stop Signs in Fortnite Royal Battle Island (Season 10), all while wearing the Catalystcostume (skins that you will receive at Level 1 of the Battle Pass of Season 10).

Once you have worn the Catalyst costume and you have gone down to the battlefield, you just have to search and destroy 10 Stop signs. Where are these signals located?

As you can see in the map shown at the bottom of the page, the Stop signs are in Parco Pacifico, Borgo Bislacco, Mega Mall and Palmeto Paradisiaco. So to complete the mission, all you have to do is find and destroy 10 stop signs in these locations, while wearing the Catalyst costume.