Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10: News and Bug Fixes


In addition to new content, Fortnite’s Season 10 also brought in bug fixes and performance improvements especially for the Royal Battle mode, which is undoubtedly the most popular among players.

Epic has worked to fix bugs related to the technical sector, improve performance on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, replays and correct graphics, animation and sound industry problems.

Bug fix

Fixed an issue where players got stuck under a ramp while being positioned.

Performance improvement

Streaming performance levels improved for all platforms optimizing resource pre-loading. This reduces the cases in which players land on low-detail buildings, particularly on Switch and Xbox One.

Graphics, Audio, and Animations

  • Emote Ride the Pony is now a mobile emote.
  • Players who have obtained the emote Ride the Pony from the Battle Pass of Season 2 has been assigned a new mobile emote: Trotting Horse
  • Added new projectile impact sounds.
  • Increased the sound volume of hang-gliders and distant shots.
  • Volume and audio capacity of the chest increased by 10%.
  • Bug fixes
  • The environmental sound is no longer interrupted when players walk between one biome and another.


  • Pressing the main menu command on the controllers now activates the main menu by default (right side of the screen).
  • The content upload message will no longer be locked at 0% when players are engaged in matchmaking.
  • Fixed a problem with the lobby camera when returning from a replay.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from selecting different players in the lobby after switching from a different game mode.
  • Selecting Leave the game no longer prevents a player in your group in the lobby from participating in matchmaking.


New camera mode added to server replays: Battle Map. This mode of the camera shows the path of the player followed during the game and the positions of the eliminations made by the player followed during the game.

The Season 10 Fortnite also introduced the new Season Pass Battle X with an unprecedented novelty, the missions, the top ten are available from today, will soon be the challenges of the week 1.