Fortnite Save the World Updates, with Season 10 the Locker Debuts

Fortnite Save the World Updates, with Season 10 the Locker Debuts

We continue to discover the novelties of Fortnite Season 10: the Season X of the Epic game also introduces interesting improvements for the World Save mode, including the locker that will allow you to easily store emotes, music packages and loading screens.

Get in gear

Get ready for an all-action journey as you help Quinn and his companions pass on his Summer Song. You never know what challenges and obstacles you might encounter along the way, and only the journey is half the adventure. Load the van and gather the group, it’s time to get going!

The locker has arrived!

The emotes, music packages and loading screens you prefer are now available in Save the world. Find them on the Cabinet tab!


  • The anti-storm Montespago Shield and Vinderman Manor game maps were centered.
  • The user interface and mini-map icons for melee weapons have been updated. Now every type of melee weapon has its own unique icon.
  • Bug fixes
  • Quickly opening the shipping rewards no longer blocks the game.
  • The land unit of the main assignment is now correctly centered when there is no map of the assignment.
  • Correction of the alignment of the explosive arc on the armory wall of weapons.
  • Corrected the grammar of the English version of the descriptions of Air Attack and its upgrades.
  • Fixed the localization in Arabic of the point counter used throughout the front-end.
  • The names of the players now flow correctly in the user interface of the team members.
  • Updated the suggestions for Electrotecting and TEDDY so that they show the basic damage to the skills.
  • Fixed some group notifications that interfered with menu navigation using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where health and shields didn’t update after leveling up or evolving a hero from the hero equipment screen.
  • Fixed a navigation problem with the controller that sometimes didn’t work in the main front-end menu.
  • The pickup icons on the minimap do not flip over 180 degrees if the player is near and above them.

Weapons and Objects

  • Added vacuum tube weapons as possible generations in the game world.
  • The projects for the Pozza trap of bitumen now take up space in the inventory and can be recycled.
  • Weapons for Corsair are now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the timing of weapon trails for basic sword attack combos.
  • The atomic light amplifier heavy attack now correctly gives the recognition of melee elimination.
  • The enhanced Typewriter weapon should now be displayed in the Armory rack.
  • Fixed an issue where the Astro-mace 9000 reproduced an infinite resonant audio effect if the projectile exploded during creation (eg if it was generated in a wall).

Game Bug

  • Fixed an issue with the banner gadget that permanently colored the blue structures.
  • Teleportation can no longer be placed inside small objects.
  • The player can no longer remain trapped within the supply of supplies.
  • The current weapon is now correctly reselected after using an ability while jumping off the map.

Graphic problems

  • Now the illumination when accessing the armory board or commands from the Cabinet or Shop tab with the shadows turned off is displayed correctly
  • Solved the problem with lighting when switching from the locker to the armory with the shadows turned off.
  • Fixed a bug where the movement did not interrupt emotes.