Fortnite Season 10: All the New Features of Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative Mode


As promised, Fortnite Season 10 officially kicked off today (Thursday, August 1) with update 10.0, whose rollout has just begun and will end between late morning and early afternoon. Waiting to come back online, we see all the news for Fortnite Royal Battle, Creative Mode and Save the World.

Fortnite Royal Battle Season 10

Few things in the world make you feel as powerful as wearing a mecha suit. In this two-person vehicle, a player can control the movement while his partner controls the fire. Those who feel particularly adventurous can try to get by on their own, alternating between piloting and artillery! 

Slit zones 
The explosion at the zero points destabilized the island! Lost places have begun to reappear, even though they are no longer the same … Jump into the action and discover what mysterious game changes they have in store.

Fortnite News Save the World

Get in the running
Get ready for an action-packed trip as you help Quinn and his companions pass on his Summer Song. You never know what challenges and obstacles you might encounter along the way, and only the journey is half the adventure. Load the van and gather the group, it’s time to get going!

The locker has arrived! 
The emotes, music packages and loading screens you prefer are now available in Save the world. Find them on the Cabinet tab!

Fortnite Creative Mode

Advanced Storm Remote Control
Now you can replicate the storm of real battle wave 10 or create your own multi-stage storm.

Advanced Storm Indicator
Allows you to customize specific phases or set the number of Advanced Storms Remote Control phases.

Demilitarized Zone
While in a Demilitarized Zone, a player cannot shoot with a weapon, wield a pickaxe, throw a grenade or use objects.

MAT Dueling Destroyer
Take the scrap to the incinerator to receive points for your team. The larger the scrap, the greater the points.

MAT Tenzone all’ Astrostazione
Fight against other teams to get the most points from the capture zones! Climb to the top of the Fast Food towers protecting the VIP! Use impulse grenades and other power-ups to blow up other teams outside the capture zones!

Soon the first details will arrive on Fortnite Season 10 skins and on the Battle Pass, on sale today. What do you think of the novelty of the new season of the game?