Genshin Impact: The Adventure Inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild Will Arrive on PS4 in 2020

Genshin Impact

As announced during the ChinaJoy 2019, Genshin Impact will arrive on PS4 in 2020. With the official presentation of the project comes further confirmation from Sam Lai of miHoYo, of the western transposition of this ambitious open-world realistic adventure inspired by Zelda BOTW.

As reiterated by Sam Lai of miHoYo Technology on the pages of the official PlayStation Blog, the intention of the Shanghai developers is in fact to allow as many people as possible to dive into the colorful atmospheres of this project that, needless to hide it, draws with both hands from the historical anime production of the Rising Sun and, of course, from the same Zelda Breath of the Wild .

The title will allow us to explore Tevyat, a fantasy dimension turned upside down by the arrival of a lineage of demons that threatens to break the harmony that has arisen between the different villages that set the landscape. From a strictly playful point of view, Genshin Impact will enable action RPG enthusiasts to shape and evolve their character along with a main campaign devoted to exploring and solving puzzles, with dungeons and mysterious regions rich in treasures.

The Genshin Impact project, however, is still in full development, hence the need to wait until 2020 (hopefully no later than next spring ) to witness the commercialization of the European porting of the title on PlayStation 4, as well as on PC and mobile systems.