Ghostbusters Video Game: Here Is the Release Date of the Remaster on PC and Current-Gen Consoles


The authors of Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games update the Ghostbusters page: The Video Game Remastered on Epic Games Store to announce the official launch date on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

If you want to pay attention to the Saber developers and producers of Mad Dog, the restaged version of the 2009 cult action-adventure will arrive on October 4th, support the Italian language and boast several improvements and innovations with respect to the original title.

In fact, the developers of World War Z promise to add new elements to the gameplay system to give originality to the experience to live in the company of Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston , as in the greater environmental destructibility and in the expansion of the customization options offered by the modular grafts of the proton backpack . There will also be the usual “beauty treatment” characterized by a generous injection of high definition textures, as well as particle effects and advanced lighting.

For the occasion, colleagues also released the video gameplay of the clash with the giant Marsh Mallows advertising puppet, one of the most iconic scenes of the first, legendary cinematic adventure of Ghostbusters.