GTA Online: Casino Missions Bonus and New Vysser Neo Sports Car

GTA Online: The Rollout of the Diamond Casino

Rockstar decided to thank everyone who participated in the grand opening of the Diamond Casino and Resort, one of the biggest events in the history of GTA Online. Last week a record number of players connected to GTA Online was reached in one day and one week after the game was launched in 2013.

To begin with, the new Vysser Neo sports car was introduced in the game, which you can see in the image attached at the bottom of the news. Moreover, throughout the week the missions of the history of the casino will earn double rewards, while all the players that will access GTA Online by August 7th will be able to get the free vintage Diamond shirt.

The first prize of this week’s wheel of fortune is the elegant and luxurious Grotti Turismo Classic, a timeless mid-engine sports car. The casino store, meanwhile, saw the entry of numerous objects, including new sculptures for floors and surfaces, wall decorations and clothing items such as the coarse piece of wool and the Tempo Kronos gold watch.

What week would it be without balances? At Ammu-Nation there is a 30% discount on the Up-n-Atomizer futuristic pistol, the devastating Empia and the Fabbricavedove. As for the vehicles, instead, there is a 30% discount on a pair of exotic supercars, the Grotti X80 Proto and the Vapid FMJ, and 40% on the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag motorcycle.