Halo the Master Chief Collection: That’s When You Can Transfer Data From Old Games


Through a new post published on its official blog, 343 Industries has confirmed that soon, through the Player File Transfers service, players will be allowed to transfer maps and game types from the old chapters of the Sci-Fi shooter series.

To be precise, users who are interested in reusing Halo 3, 4 and Reach data in the mammoth collection will be able to do so on August 12, when they can import game types, and then August 26, the day used instead for transfer of the maps. As specified by the developers themselves, due to some technical limitations not better specified by the study, these two occasions will be unique to start the procedure, and in the future, it will not be re-proposed in any way. You will, therefore, need to mark these two dates on the calendar in case you want to keep your data also within the collection.

The Master Chief Collection Halo is now available on Xbox One and is expected to launch on Windows 10 PC by the end of 2019. Halo Reach, meanwhile, has already arrived on Personal Computer in its early testing phases on the platform: you can admire it in action in a 4K gameplay video. In recent days, the technical and graphic settings of this new version of the collection have been leaked online.