Mavericks Proving Grounds, 1000-Player Battle Royale, Has Been Canceled

Mavericks Proving Grounds

Anyone who is a fan of battle royale will have heard of Mavericks at least once: Proving Grounds, an ambitious shooter whose games were supposed to host up to 1000 different players.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go the right way and the title that had to wipe out the big shots like Fortnite Royal Battle and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds didn’t make it and the Automaton tram is now bankrupt. The funds for the game are in fact terminated and, although a patch has been published for the players of the alpha version of the game only a few days ago, the development has abruptly stopped. The other game in development at the studio, Deceit, will be entrusted to another team. This is the second game that uses the SpatialOS graphics engine to close its doors in the last period since the news of the closure of Worlds Adrift came only a few weeks ago.