Mighty Fight Federation Multiplayer Fighting Game Announced

Mghty Fight Federation

A new multiplayer fighting game is coming from the Canadian developers of Komi Games: it is Mighty Fight Federation, a game in which up to four wrestlers in an arena will have to work to prove who is the best.

According to the description of the game, Mighty Fight Federation gives a nod to the classic 3D arena fighters, focusing however on the combos and the fundamental mechanics of the fighting games. In particular, in the game, there will be the so-called Hype, a bar that will be filled both by suffering and inflicting damage, and it will be possible to use to make some special moves.

Players will be able to throw their opponents on the wall, throw them into the air and fight them with fast-flying attacks, in short, there will be different styles of fighting to show that you are the best fighter.

There will be 11 playable characters, each with its own style, combos, and special Hype move. In addition to the announcement, a first trailer of the game was also released, which we show as always at the top of the news. What do you think? What do you expect from this new fighting game?

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