Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Is Updated with Honda, Lucia and Poison

Street Fighter V: There Are Finally News on the Horizon

As part of the innovations for the EVO 2019 (the biggest beat’em up the tournament in the world, scheduled from August 2nd to 4th in Las Vegas) Capcom has announced the arrival of three new characters in the Street Fighter V Arcade Edition roster.

Specifically, E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison (from Final Fight) will debut in the game next week, August 4, the next day instead Capcom will release a special Summer 2019 Character Bundle that will include the three wrestlers mentioned, some extra costumes and the Honda I feel stage.

The house of Osaka is continuing and will continue to support Street Fighter V (limited to the Arcade Edition) for a long time, in the past few days there has been talking of a possible announcement of Street Fighter 6 at EVO 2019, a rumor later denied directly by Yoshinori Ono of Capcom. At the moment the company has no plans for the sixth episode of the series, the objective as mentioned is to create and publish new content for SFV and further expand the presence of the game in the eSport circuits.

In recent years, Street Fighter 5 has not had the expected commercial success, with sales lower than those of rival Tekken 7 (at four million copies distributed), but Capcom has always been confident about the long-term potential of the fighting game.