Teamfight Tactics Is Now a Permanent Mode of League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics

Are you a fan of autochess and Teamfight Tactics is your favorite exponent of this new genre? Know then that there is good news for you.

Riot Games has in fact formalized in the last hours that Teamfight Tactics, born as a simple timed mode of League of Legends, has now become a permanent mode of the famous free to play. Given the success of this particular modality, which incorporates what we have seen with a famous DOTA 2 mod, this is absolutely not unexpected news, but TFT fans will surely be happy about it.

Obviously, the formalization of this modality implies its continuous support by the developers, who have confirmed in a statement that new updates and contents will soon arrive. The first novelty concerns the next heroes who will join the roster starting from August 14, 2019, namely Camille, Vi, Jayce, and Jinx. Users who have access to the test servers will also have the opportunity to try the four characters with a little advance.

We remind you that Dota underlords is also available on Steam for free, while soon it will arrive on Epic Games Store Auto Chess, developed by the authors of the original mod