The Project xCloud App Appears on the Microsoft Store in Two Different Versions

Project xCloud Could Be a Key to the Success of Xbox Scarlett, According to NPD

Although the beta phase is expected only for the month of October, the Project xCloud app has already been spotted inside the Microsoft Store, the streaming gaming platform with which the Redmond company intends to compete with Google Stadia and PlayStation Now.

The app on the store is precisely divided into two versions, respectively entitled ” xCloud Test Game ” (currently no longer reachable) and ” xCloud Test Game PAID “. While it is true that Microsoft has not yet released particularly specific details in this regard, this differentiation in the distribution of the app would seem to confirm what emerged previously: xCloud, at least for these test phases, will be free for players who will use their Xbox One as a server personal, and for a fee for those who do not have the console and who will inevitably have to rely on Azure servers that Microsoft makes available to them.

Regarding the infrastructure that Project xCloud will support, Phil Spencer and partners have recently shown the powerful hardware used by the US company to better support its new platform. Simplifying the discussion, we can say that the xCloud base consists of eight Xbox One S assembled in one piece. In recent weeks, there had also been rumors of the possible arrival of a new controller designed entirely for xCloud, but at the moment no confirmation has been received from Microsoft.