Waiting for Diablo 4, Now Thanks to a Fan the First Diablo Is Playable on the Browser


After the half disappointment of Diablo Immortal, the fans can’t wait for Blizzard to announce a new chapter of the saga, but in the meantime, a good way to pass the time can be a nice dip in nostalgia.

The first video game in the series is in fact now also playable through a simple internet browser , thanks to the work of a fan who managed to create a web version of Diablo using the game’s source code (so the downside is that at the moment not sure that Blizzard decides to let him stay online for a long time).

However, this is the shareware version of the game, which will therefore only unlock a small portion of Diablo. For those who own the original title, or purchased the first Diablo on GOG, there is the possibility of uploading a specific file on the web browser and unlocking the full game.

Diablo was released back in 1996 and soon became a milestone of the GDR genre. Since then, two more episodes have been developed, the last of which dates back to May 2012.

The fourth installment of the game has not yet been announced, although according to the latest rumors, Diablo 4 could be released on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.