Wreckfest: Wreckage Is Flying in the New Trailer for the PS4 and Xbox One Versions


The developers of Bugbear Entertainment count the days that divide them from the marketing of Wreckfest on PS4 and Xbox One by browsing a sheet daisy with an adrenaline-fueled high-octane cinematic trailer … and scrap!

The current-gen console transposition of the Bugbear driving game will be implemented under the aegis of THQ Nordic and will be launched on 27 August at the double price of 39.99 euros for the Standard edition and 59.99 euros for the Digital Deluxe, a difference represented by the possibility, with this last version, to have access to the 20 cars and the 20 exclusive decalcolmanies present in the Season Pass .

Of the initial project known as Next Car Game, the racing game that will land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will soon include all the improvements, additions and changes made by Swedish developers in the long Early Access phase spent on Steam. There will also be additional interventions aimed at making the title even more fun thanks to the introduction of a new HUD, a more realistic damage system and a more refined physics engine. All in the hope of meeting the tastes and needs of the many enthusiasts of driving games who hope to relive the hours of destructive carefree spent in the FlatOut series with this project.

While waiting to find out what the future of Wreckfest will bring to us on the console, we leave you in the company of the latest video given to us by THQ Nordic.