A Sealed Copy of Kid Icarus for NES Sold for $9,000 on Ebay

Kid Icarus

Sometimes it happens that during the cleaning of an attic, an attic or a cellar, memories of the past emerge that we thought we had forgotten. In addition to the nostalgic value, however, some objects can also have an economic value and give the owner a good sum of money.

This is what happened to Scott Amos, in the United States, a few days ago. His mother decided to clean up the attic after more than twenty years since Scott left home, and among other things, he found a sealed copy of Kid Icarus for NES, with a receipt showing the purchase in the December of 1988, when the man was 9 years old.

This is probably a Christmas present that the parents had forgotten to deliver, as explained by Scott in a recent interview. Amos had no idea of ​​the value of the cartridge, so he called a US company to evaluate the conditions of the video games for collectors, and found he could earn a lot of money.

Those $ 9,000 earned were then spent on a family vacation at Disneyland, of course together with the parents responsible for purchasing the now-famous Kid Icarus cartridge at the time, as a worthy conclusion to the story.

And you? Have you ever thought about having some treasure hidden in your garage?