Control: Remedy Discusses New Game Plus, Survival Challenges and Photo Mode

Control Developers See A Bright Future For Single Player Games

As the release date of Control approaches, the authors of Remedy explain if the Photographic mode, the Survival Challenges, and the New Game Plus will be present at the exit, if they arrive after the launch or if, instead, they are not provided by the authors in the wake of Sam Lake.

In the profitable question and answer session held by the Remedy guys on the pages, the Finnish software house’s director of communications, Thomas Puha, addressed all three topics starting with Photo Mode : “Yes, there will be a mode Photographic but it will arrive through a post-launch update, we will work on it after having caught our breath once we have provided for the marketing and distribution of the game “ .

As for the New Game Plus mode, Puha reports that “it is something we talked about among us developers, but unfortunately there are some game design constraints and the technical reasons that push us not to introduce it, but also simply for lack of resources”.

If for the New Game + there seems to be no hope due to the Metroidvania nature of the title and the difficulties encountered by the authors of Remedy in integrating it into the progression of the adventure, with the ancillary challenges to be developed parallel to the story Puha proves to be decidedly more open to the idea declaring that“for the moment we do not foresee the addition of challenges or modalities based on Survival, but let’s see what happens after the launch. Ours is a really small team, so we must choose with particular care which projects to carry on. Whatever the mode of the alternative game that we could do, will always have to adapt to the world of Control. In the game, for example, there are already the ‘Alerts of the Bureau’, impromptu activities that will require the user to move to the Oldest House to carry out certain tasks and mini-boss fights”.

The release of Control is scheduled for August 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In the meantime, we remind you that on these pages you will find our in-depth information on gameplay narration and Control’s sources of inspiration.