Death Stranding: Kojima Clarifies the Issue of “Crunch” and Publishes New Images

Death Stranding Kojima

The last message published by Hideo Kojima regarding fatigue and crunch in the development of Death Stranding has alarmed many fans. The boss of Kojima Productions thus tries to clarify “in his own way” the question with a new message and unpublished game images starring Sam Bridges.

“Starting yesterday, it will take another 100 days, ” explains the Japanese master before stressing that “I am still in Hades working to fix the gameplay of this game with tar and I will continue to do it every day”. The mythological reference to Hades, indirectly linked to the “crunch” and opposed to the biblical one of Paradise, has already been used in the past by Kojima to explain with a metaphor how difficult (and therefore difficult) to develop such an ambitious project as Death Stranding.

It is also worth mentioning that the use of the term “crunch” does not always have a negative meaning in the videogame industry, despite the fact that in recent months it has risen to the headlines more for the criticisms made by developers, designers and company executives more disparate (emblematic, in this sense, is the case of Anthem ) that for its real impact on the management and programming of entertainment products such as movies, TV series or, in fact, video games can be.

The use of longer and “more intense” work shifts is in fact the practice in this sector, especially when approaching the internal scandals set by the heads of software houses in optimizing gameplay and in refining the code, two factors that heavily influence business planning (and the shifts of individual employees cascade) before reaching the Gold phase.

Before leaving to you any further consideration on the subject of the crunch (and its abuse in the development of video games), as well as on the new images starring Sam, we remind you that Death Stranding will be available on PS4 and PS4 Pro starting November 8.