Fortnite 10: Are You Willing to Pay for Missions, or Do You Prefer to Abandon the Challenges?

Fortnite Season 10

As expected, Epic Games’ decision to remove Fortnite’s free challenges has created many controversies, particularly among the very young and those who have no intention of paying to play Epic’s Battle Royale, after facing free challenges for two years. But what has happened and how will the situation evolve?

The decision came completely by surprise and the players discovered this news on August 1st, with the arrival of the 10.0 update that kicked off Fortnite’s Season 10. Thursday awaits the arrival of the challenges of the week but at the time of access to the game, here is the first cold shower: the daily and weekly challenges in fact no longer exist, replaced by missions, divided into various groups including Road Trip, Rissa Reale, Zero Point, and Balance.

Epic Games has promised new missions in the coming weeks, but it is not clear at the moment whether there will be a fixed frequency or not. However, the problem is quite different: the missions are accessible only and only to players who have purchased (or will purchase) the Season X Battle Pass, therefore only paying users can participate in missions, complete the objectives and receive the relative rewards. Until Season 9, on the other hand, all players could access for free a limited number of challenges without having to necessarily purchase the Pass.

A decision, as mentioned, that caused many discontents among those who do not want to spend real money for the Battle Pass, and therefore will be forced to renounce totally one of the most fun and stimulating activities of Fortnite. The choice of Epic has obviously split the community in two, between those who say they are in favor of an activity limited to paying players and those who have been forced against their will to renounce missions, not believing it is correct to pay to access these contents.