Fortnite: It Is Still War Between the Faze and Tfue, a New Cause in Sight


The Tfue affair shows no sign of abating. According to documents filed in the southern district of New York, the US organization has filed a new lawsuit against its former protégé.

In memory, the FaZes claim that Tfue would have stolen confidential information and interfered with the team’s contracts and business relationships, as well as publicly offended the members of the organization.

The lawsuit comes in response to what Tfue and his lawyer presented against the FaZe Clans a couple of months ago when the player claimed that his contract contained patently vexatious clauses. Recall that, in the last 18 months, Tfue has become the most popular Fortnite player in the world. It has over 11 million subscribers on YouTube, almost 7 million followers on Twitch and 2 million followers on Twitter.

In the contract in question: FaZe was entitled to 80% of the negotiations concerning the figure of Tfue, as well as 20% of the prize money, 50% of in-game merchandising, 50% of commercial offers, 50% of attendance fees of the player to events and 80% of Tfue-themed merchandising revenues. In exchange, FaZe would have paid Tfue a monthly salary of 2,000 dollars.

The contract between FaZe and Tfue was initially to last six months but was automatically extended for three years.

Clan FaZe CEO Lee Trink told Bloomberg that he hoped to resolve the issue privately but that an agreement between the organization and the player became impossible.

In their reply, the FaZes state that Tfue has earned about 20 million dollars since it joined the FaZe Clan in April 2018 and that the company is responsible for much of its success. FaZe said he taught Tfue how to create and promote content that contributed to his boom.

Regarding the ongoing lawsuit, the FaZes claimed to have learned that Tfue wanted to end its agreement. Not only: the FaZes have declared that Tfue has also tried to circulate other members of the team, including his partner Dennis “Cloak” Lepore. In addition, of course, to raise the issue of the under-age of H1ghSky1.

Tfue’s attorney in response has pointed out that the FaZes want to avoid the jurisdiction of California by filing the lawsuit in New York. ” The cause of Faze Clan in New York is a ridiculous and obvious attempt to avoid the consequences of clear violations of California law,” Freedman said. “The filing of the lawsuit in New York is actually an admission of guilt … they have no defense. Why are the Faze Clans afraid to challenge the charges in California? The answer is obvious. The Faze Clans will lose .”

The lawyer continued: ” This is the first time in the history of export that an organization has had the courage to try to enforce contractual provisions that are so clearly illegal against one of its players “.