Fortnite: Ninja Leaves Twitch! the Most Famous Streamer in the World Switches to Microsoft Mixer


After provoking not a few controversies with Ninja’s new book, Tyler Blevins is preparing to write a new page of his brilliant career as a Fortnite Battaglia Reale streamer (but not only) deciding to leave Twitch to switch to Mixer.

In giving this important announcement, the Fortnite personality publishes a video message on its social channels to confirm the end of Twitch broadcasts and the beginning of what the same 28-year-old from Detroit defines as “a new chapter in my career”.

Accepting Ninja, the videogame streaming platform acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for an unspecified amount (just like in the case of the agreement signed with Blevins) ensures a potential patrimony of daily views in the order of millions of units, with a consequent return of popularity for all other channels and producers of content of the service closely connected to Xbox One and PC Windows 10 (but also open to the streamer of other consoles).

The same Ninja was among the absolute protagonists of the New York Fortnite World Cup 2019 event: even without being able to qualify for the Finals, the US streamer attended the tournament by opening the DJ Marshmello concert and commenting on the main Solo and hot challenges Duo. Anyone who wants to follow the feats of the explorer of the island of Fortnite online with the most fanciful hairstyle, therefore, from now on will be able to do so exclusively by connecting to his new Mixer.con / Ninja channel.