Fortnite Road Trip: Inflict Damage on Your Opponents While in a Vehicle

Fortnite Road Trip

One of the new missions Road Trip of the Season 10 Fortnite requires to inflict 200 points of damage to enemies while in a vehicle. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete it easily.

Remember that – like all other Road Trip missions – this mission can only be completed if you have the Battle Pass for Season 10.

Inflict damage to your opponents while in a vehicle (0/200)

To accomplish this mission, you must inflict at least 200 damage points to enemies while in a vehicle. Although several vehicles such as the Girosfere and the Annihilating Quads have been removed from the game with the arrival of Season 10, Fortnite players will be able to complete this mission by counting on two fairly comfortable options: boarding a BRUTUS , unleashing its power on the unlucky on duty, or darting with Driftboard under your feet while holding a firearm.

As we explained to you in our guide to using BRUTO , this new mech-shaped vehicle can be found in some random positions on the map (marked with the relative icon of the vehicle), and can be used by one or two players, with the possibility in both cases, use the heavy rifle or the missile launcher integrated against the enemies, in order to damage them.

Alternatively, if you want to use the Driftboard, in the new map of Fortnite Season 10 you will continue to find this medium around the island of Battaglia Reale, especially in the polar biome located to the south-west. Once you get on the Driftboard, you can pull off your firearms while you are speeding around the board, so as to shoot the opponents and damage them.

As soon as you have scored at least 200 points on board a BRUTO or Driftboard, you will finally complete the mission.