Fortnite Road Trip Missions: Earn Stunt Points on a Vehicle

Fortnite Road Trip Missions

After showing you were to destroy the Stop Signs with the Catalyst costume, in this mini-guide to the Road Trip missions of the first week of Fortnite Season 10 we explain how to easily get stunt points aboard a vehicle.

Before pursuing this mission, you must have completed at least 4 objectives. Speaking of the other Road Trip missions of the first week of Fortnite Season 10, we remind you that on our pages we have already explained to you how to complete the mission. Visit the head of Durr Burger, dinosaur and stone head.

Get Stunt Points on a vehicle (0 / 250,000)

To complete this challenge you will have to accumulate at least 250,000 aerobatics points in a vehicle. The best way to do this is to get a Driftboard, one of the few vehicles that can still be found on the island of Fortnite Season 10 (remember that the Girosfere and Quads have been removed).

The quickest and easiest way to complete the challenge is to get a Driftboard at the point of the map marked with a red circle at the bottom of the page, get onboard it and head for Neoinclinato , where you can perform numerous tricks inside the tunnel’s air, as you can see in the video proposed at the beginning. To complete the challenge, all you have to do is accumulate at least 250,000 aerobatic points throughout the game.