Fortnite Season 10, the Free Challenges Are Back: Now They Are Called Time Missions

Fortnite 10

The Season X of Fortnite did not bring only new content, but also sanctioned the removal of free challenges, replaced by Missions accessible only to the Pass. This decision did not meet the favor of the community, mostly composed of people who always enjoyed themselves without spending real money.

In the hours following the launch of the new season, in any case, Epic Games has backtracked and introduced the Timed Missions, a new type of task that unlike the classic Missions are accessible to all Fortnite players.

Each timed Mission contains 7 goals that are unlocked over the course of a week and provide rewards of various kinds, including Experience Points, Battle Stars, and an Upload Screen. A goal is unlocked every day and the mission expires after 7 days. Therefore, you must ensure that you complete all the goals for a given week before the seventh day ends. Each week a new Time Mission will be added, until the end of the Season X scheduled for October 6th.

The Mission in current time is called Team BRUTO, and among other things allows unlocking the loading screen of the new BRUTO mech vehicle. At the moment only the first goal is available, namely “Play three games with a friend” . The next one will be made available in about 2 hours.