GameStop: Staff Cuts, Dozens of Sales Managers Fired in the United States

Gamestop USA:

As reported by Kotaku, GameStop Corporation has decided to dismiss dozens of sales managers in the United States, there is the talk of at least 50 people who have lost their jobs following a very precise decision to reduce operating costs.

An internal email published by Kotaku speaks of ” an effort by the company to reduce costs and improve efficiency, with the aim of recovering new funds to invest in the evolution of the stores. ” A former GameStop employee confirmed the veracity of the message, claiming to have been fired in the past few hours, clarifying the situation better.

The figures in question are managers with a high salary who is in charge of managing more stores in various areas of North America , many of them would not have reached the previously agreed sales targets, this would be due to the decision to dismiss ” dozens of people “, the precise number as said was not revealed but the headline speaks of about fifty person.

GameStop Corporation is going through a heavy financial crisis, the company is working to change the focus of its stores by turning them into stores dedicated to retrogaming and eSports, but at the moment the transformation plan does not seem to have been implemented, probably due to lack of funds.